Answer Me This…

Answer me this… Is it only me that wonders what it’s like to be some one else? Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that I want to be someone other than myself, I’m just saying is it only me that would choose to feel emotions other then my own. I myself think about it all the time, if we as people could feel what others feel would we still wish harm upon them? It’s rare to think about the whole picture in our everyday lives we never really think about how our actions affect others close to us never mind how it can affect people we don’t know. I don’t watch the news nor do I read it call me ignorant or uncultured but I’d rather not be affected by the choices that I have no say in, nor do I want to worry about how these decisions will affect me or the world I live in I’d rather just go with the flow. But somethings are impossible to ignore, somethings put so many people in an uproar it is impossible to get away from.

So now here I am wishing I could feel how others feel. Racism isn’t always a choice a good percentage of the time it is taught. People don’t think they pass down the hatred generation to generation and it does nothing but get worse. I myself as a young white woman rarely has to think about racism or discrimination but at this point in time when people in power start to abuse their authority it is for the first time in my life affecting me. I can think of nothing else but shame during situations like this to have been sheltered against this kind of hate. To think what people go through on a daily basis all around the world because of how they look on the outside is truly heart breaking. How can people not realize that everyone hurts the same. Now cops are killing innocent people and walking free because the people in power some how feel better than those being killed. Now more and more people in authority are acting out because they now know they can get away with it. What kind of world do we live in where time and time again murder is being justified because of the color of their skin.

This all comes back to my original question… Answer me this… Would the world be the same if people could feel what other people feel?